Air Element

Air Element

The seminar of the Elements 1 course of the Elemental Department.

The vibrations of the Air element are even faster and more complex, but unlike all the previous ones, Air is not dependent on form; instead, it is capable of fully influencing that form. The same qualities are transmitted to the mental body of a person corresponding to this element: the mind can control both feelings and emotions that guide a person along his life path; the mind can make him either fast and concrete or slow and abstract, allowing one to “go with the flow” and contemplate without changing anything.

The perception chakra of the Air element in the structure of the human consciousness is the Anahata. The vibrations of Air are not only perceived by this chakra but are also capable of transmitting their qualities to the mental body—controlling energetic processes, purposefulness, and altering the density of perceived and transmitted information.

Human perception of the element Air is connected, of course, with breathing, and in the effect of bodily recognition – through the sense of smell. Air is characterized by a heightened olfactory ability and an expanded range of perception of reality through the memorization of odors.

The Air Element is represented in the human understanding of qualities as a masculine quality. Like Fire, the Air element is incapable of permanence; Air directs, infiltrates and penetrates, giving form to matter. Air responds to pressure and is capable of compressing several times over, acquiring new properties.

Deep cleansing through Air and embracing solitude is a natural state of mind for a mage.

In this class, students practice:

  • Deep immersion into the element of air and awareness of its connection with the mental body.
  • The ability to perceive and control the Power of a Single Thought.
  • Crafting an Air amulet (an individual item of power) and the ability to work with it.

Course textbook: “The Power of the Elements”

Theory: p. 92

Practical part: p. 437, p. 488

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