Elemental combination of the FIRE—EARTH vertical axis predetermines the structure of the Buddhic body in order to control one's will, regulate the flow of time.

Elemental Combination: Fire-Earth

Fire-Earth Vertical Axis

Elemental combination of the FIRE—EARTH vertical axis predetermines the structure of the Buddhic body in order to control one’s will, regulate the flow of time.

The seminar of the Elements 1 course of the Elemental Department.

The combination of the elements Fire—Earth predetermines the structure of the Buddhic body, which is the weighty part of the superstructure present in consciousness. The Buddhic layer of consciousness is capable of governing all social processes both within and outside of consciousness. One can spend a long time analyzing Buddhic constructs, regularly reassessing their values and beliefs, and spend their entire life on it, but the elements provide an opportunity to address management issues fundamentally: those who can manage the elements of Earth and Fire become capable of controlling the plasticity of their consciousness. This is the primary property in magic that one must develop.

Fire, impulsively affecting the Earth, can manifest in the human consciousness as a decision-making mechanism. If a person does not control his own Fire, then the impulsive frequency of Fire becomes unruly, which means that it is no longer a person who makes the decisions. But if the mind knows its Fire, if it knows how to feel it, to excite and extinguish it, thus changing its frequency, then the process of choice, the process of decision-making becomes its power. Knowing one’s Earth will ensure that the decision made is always correct because it will be in full harmony with the manifested power of the Earth: how much is needed, where it is needed, when it is needed, and what is needed — the four commandments of someone who understands the value of time when intending to achieve a result.

The task of this era for the human mind is to develop the ability to control the elements of Earth and Fire within oneself striving towards balance. Intensifying one of the elements should automatically intensify the other, and there should be no obstacles in this process. In the human world, the vertical axis will still remain dominant over the horizontal one, but it is always necessary to remember for the one who is looking further, looking into magic: magical consciousness begins its development when the vertical and horizontal axes become equal. The hierarchy of the elements is the path of humanity; the equality of the elements is the power of the mage.

During the session, students learn how to balance the elements of Earth and Fire simultaneously in their minds, which is necessary for controlling their will, regulating the flow of time passing through consciousness, and, importantly, for distinguishing between main and secondary events in this flow, determining what is necessary or unnecessary, unique or merely appearing to be so. They learn to understand their capabilities realistically, without illusions.

Course textbook: “The Power of the Elements”

Theory: p. 124

Practical part: p. 450, p. 505

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