basic of healing

The Basics of Healing

The Basics of Healing

The seminar of the Elements 1 course of the Elemental Department.

In this workshop, students acquire knowledge of diagnostic principles and develop their own “individual map of disease recognition.” Nature gives birth to very few true healers, and this is a great gift. Not everyone is destined to be born with this gift, but every novice mage must master the basic skills of diagnostics. Through the elements, not only self-healing is possible, but also the healing of others by changing the elemental balance in their consciousness.

“Basics of Healing” workshop can be attended in person or via recordings.

The practical session. Conducted in pairs.

Duration of the session: 3 hours.

Prerequisite: 1st  Main course of the Elements Department.

Independent work: 1 – 1.5 months.

Course textbook: “The Power of the Elements”

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About Healing

Healing in magic is the first step towards acquiring magical mastery. In the Northwestern magical tradition, which is the main and foundational tradition for the entire course of study in our case, healing is an obligatory step. This skill can become a primary professional skill, or it may not. But in ancient times, everyone who underwent training in the druidic or volhv tradition was obliged to know its basics and principles. However, it should be noted right away that in magic, many things are not so much connected with skill as they are with natural (magical) predisposition. Not everything, of course, but a lot. Healing is one of those things – magical gift here precedes magical mastery.

Any manipulation with another person’s energy, body, health and elemental balance can be done only when the person doing it is in a state of open-mindedness, in a state of zero. Only in this case can it be assumed that the diagnostic will be correct and the impact effective.

Because neither will be distorted by the healer’s initially biased mind. This nullification gives you the state of “the Elemental Cross” you are already familiar with.

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