Health through the Power of the Elements

Health through the Power of the Elements

Practical guide for the seminar “Health through the power of the Elements” of the 1st course of the Main Department.

Health is the power of Earth, the power of nature, and anyone alive has the right to this power just by virtue of being born here – all living beings can enjoy this right equally. It is very important to understand that all living creatures potentially have an equal right to the current of health as a source of vitality. Potentially. The fact that a person becomes unable to access his vital force in its entirety (or to the extent necessary for the normal functioning of his body and consciousness) depends only on each individual’s structure of the psyche and the environment that he lives in.

Why does the current of power begin to dry up with the passing of time?
Who or what blocks this power and limits the sacred birthright to it?
What should be done to repair the lost health?

You will find answers to these and many other questions in this book.


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