Health through the Power of the Elements

Health through the Power of the Elements

Additional modules of the 1st Main Course.

Health through the Power of the Elements

The human body is designed in such a way that, theoretically, it should not be sick. The mechanism of automatic correction of “system problems” is built into the body initially. Ideally (as so conceived), it should adjust itself without distracting the owner from more important things. But under the influence of the environment and prolonged stress, this system can fail. That is when the body starts to hurt. 

Conclusion: it is necessary to make this system work again, so that it starts to correct faults in the body on its own. 

Techniques that students learn in this class are aimed at achieving this goal. This results in getting rid of chronic diseases, knowing how to take energy from nature and the surrounding space, and coordination of natural biorhythms with the external environment. 

Duration: approx. 3 hours. 

Admission: 1st Main course. Day 1-4 completed.

Practical guide for the seminar “Health through the power of the Elements” of the 1st course of the Main Department.

The following seminars are the additional modules of the 1st course (available only after completion of the 4 days of  the Main course):

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 Health Through the Power of the Elements

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 This seminars course is available in online-group and for self-study.

The pre-recorded VIDEO in English will be available soon.

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