Money-1: Energetic prosperity levels

Money-1: Energetic prosperity levels.

Additional modules of the 1st Main Course

Money-1: Energetic prosperity levels.

Those who follow the path of magic transformation – of their personality and life – should be able to get a resource for their social set-up. Today, money is such an instrument, a universal means of agreement between people. There are no magicians who are beggars. Why? Because the magic consciousness is always able to get what it needs and as much as it needs – without effort.

To understand how to achieve material prosperity, a person should be aware of and feel the movement of the streams of money in this world and be able to control them.

The development of this ability includes several simple steps:

• Knowing at what level you are right now.
• Knowing where you want to get.
• Seeing clearly what you will have to pay.
• Understanding the rules of the game and terms of the agreement.

To achieve material result and change the level of financial well-being, it is necessary to take all this into account.

These questions are carefully studied in this class; a vector of intention to achieve the desired is formed and, most importantly, a programme of consciousness transformation to acquire the right to wealth is launched.

The technique that we use in this class is aimed at changing the structure of consciousness, excluding the “poverty” programme from it and activating those areas of the mind that lead a person to prosperity.

Duration: approx. 3 hours. 

Admission: 1st Main course. Day 1-4 completed.

The following seminars are the additional modules of the 1st course (available only after completion of the 4 days of  the Main course):

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 Correction of the Prenatal Development

 Chakral Breathing

 Energetic Damages

 Money-1: Energetic prosperity levels 

 Health Through the Power of the Elements

 The Power of Totem

 This seminars course is available in online-group and for self-study.

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