Money-1: Energetic prosperity levels

Money-1: Energetic prosperity levels.

Additional seminar of the 1st Main Course Etheric Body

Money-1: Energetic prosperity levels.


For a person on the path of magical self-transformation, money is not a goal, but a tool!  On this path, a person should be able to obtain a resource for his social well-being. And money is a universal means of agreement between people. There are no beggar mages. And why is that? Because the magical consciousness is always able to get what it needs, and as much as it needs, without effort.

To understand how to achieve material prosperity, you should know, feel and be able to control the movement of the current of money in this world.

To develop these skills, you need to:

  • Know what level you are at
  • Know what level you would like to be at
  • Clearly see what you have to pay
  • Understand the rules of the game and the terms of your Agreement

You need to consider all of these things in order to achieve material prosperity and change the level of your financial wealth.

In this seminar we will explore these issues in depth, form a vector of intention to achieve the desired and, most importantly, activate the program of consciousness transformation to acquire the right to money.

The techniques we work with in this seminar are aimed at changing the structure of consciousness, eliminating the “poverty” program and activating those areas of consciousness that lead a person to prosperity.


Book:Magic Q&A 8: The Right to Money

Duration: approx. 3 hours
Admissioncompletion of the 4 basic lessons of the 1st Main course

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• Money-1: Energetic prosperity levels 

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This seminar is available for online group study and independent study.

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