1st Course: The Power of the Elements. Unveiling.

Earth Element

Earth Element

The first and perhaps the primary element for our world is the Earth element. The vibrations of the Earth element correspond to the physical plane. These are the densest, lowest frequencies. The perception chakra is the Muladhara (root chakra). It is naturally structured to capture Earth vibrations in its purest form and is shielded from the distortion of the elemental force by external sources. It is precisely the dense vibrations of the Earth that impart to the physical body their quality of inertia, limited sensitivity—human biology is such because it can correspond to this element. In perception, the Earth element embodies feminine qualities of manifestation—acceptance, accumulation, and preservation. Inertia is a natural effect of the feminine nature of preservation and accumulation, and the Earth element vividly manifests these properties.

In occult practices, it is customary to distinguish three levels of immersion into the Earth. These levels were vividly described in myths through the imagery of Earth mother goddesses.

In Greek mythology, for example, they are represented by three generations of goddesses—Gaia, Rhea, and Demeter—where:

Gaia represents the deepest layer of the primary force, the birthplace of the Titans—the primordial potential of the elemental forces, the womb of the Mother;

Rhea represents the middle layer, the place of preservation and accumulation, the place of formation of the principle of memory—collective memory, ancestral memory, as well as the birth of systems and principles;

Demeter represents the upper layer, biology and fertility, all living things and natural cycles of time.

Immersion in the element of Earth activates in consciousness the primordial foundations associated with this element. Such activation induces a specific state of consciousness that stimulates deep memory (ancestral and reincarnational).

The program includes:

  • Deep immersion into the Earth element;
  • Awareness of its multilayered and multidimensional nature;
  • Understanding and acceptance of “one’s own” layer;
  • Ability to work with the Earth layer;
  • Crafting an Earth amulet (an individual object of power);
  • Ability to work with the crafted amulet.

Course textbook: “The Power of the Elements”

Theory: p. 39

Practical part: p. 426, p. 466

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