Strengthening the Live Space of the System

Strengthening the Live Space of the System

The live space of the system represents the reserves and resources of the system, “the body fat”, as well as “the goods for sale and exchange.”

During the Strengthening the Live Space of the System seminar, students coordinate the tools necessary to achieve the goals in the system, learn to determine the true price of each resource, to attract and give them away correctly, to develop an understanding of the true owner of this or that resource in order to protect themselves from “overpaying.”

In a magical sense, everything a person calls his own becomes a part of him.

The Live Space of the System

The live space of the system, like an oriental bazaar, is a place of endless flow of resources, a place of trade, and a space of communication with the system’s environment. It is a purely “merchant” space where, in various forms, including games, we develop the skills of effective communication and the ability to survive in an aggressive egregorial environment.

The elements of the live space are the simplest formations in the system: they can be lost without regret, they can be acquired without difficulty. The live space allows the system to communicate with other systems without the risk of catching a virus that could affect the core.

This layer is the space for horizontal communication with people, systems, and egregors, but never with gods and higher minds.

In the live space, the keys are no longer the meanings, but only the marks. The meaning of a mark is relevant insofar as it is relevant, but the real value of this level of the system is only the ability to ‘mark space’, to make connections, to mark in space and time the presence of the force behind it.

The live space is the largest and the most mobile part of the system. 

Textbook for the 5th course of Main Department: Buddhic Body – “Egregores and the System of Controlling Reality”

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Admission: completion of the 6 basic lessons of the 5th Main course

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