Formation of Personal Egregore

Formation of Personal Egregore

The consciousness of a mage must be protected and properly represented in the general informational field. For this purpose, it is necessary to create a “representation” of one’s consciousness in the egregorial environment of this world – a personal egregor of a person.

It is important not only to create an informational structure in a correct way, but also to establish an energy exchange with the egregors, taking into account the understanding of the hierarchy and the rules of distribution of the currents of power.

Firstly, a personal egregore is necessary for the fulfilment of social tasks, so that the consciousness is not distracted by the gathering of resources and does not spend precious time searching for them. The main task of the personal egregore is to provide a mage with everything he needs.

In this seminar, students summarise the knowledge acquired in the 5th Main course, learn to program their personal egregore and establish a connection with the general egregorial space.

Personal Egregore

The personal egregor of your system, like any other egregor, is a program. It is not spiritualised or animated, it has no free will and no feelings.

Its purpose is to fulfil the tasks at hand and nothing more. If the Buddhic body of your consciousness grows out of the I Am and is its specific projection, then the personal egregor grows out of the Buddhic body and is its specific projection. In this sense, as a derivative, it carries and reflects only partial, specific qualities of its base – the Buddhic body – but it is not a direct reflection of the structure of I Am.

The presence of the personal egregore in the general egregorial field indicates that this personality is very significant because other people voluntarily give their energy and time to this egregore. Not because anyone forces them to do so, but because it is their wish and their good will. This is certainly not the case with the magical formation of personal egregores. However, the egregorial world does not need to know about it at all – a personal egregor will fight enemies with their own weapon.

A personal egregor can create the one who becomes a significant figure, the one whose existential volume of consciousness approaches the existential volume of the egregorial system. This indicator determines the right to rule, the right to power, which extends to a certain number of people and a certain amount of their time. The higher the amount, the more people and time the egregore has the right to control.

A person who rises in existential volume to the level of egregorial possibilities demonstrates to the whole system that there is a certain significant idea behind his consciousness, which all those present on the egregorial field must take into account. The personality of such a person not only becomes noticeable, but can no longer be used by the egregors as an ordinary biological resource, a sheep of the human flock. The sheep becomes a shepherd and acts as a full player and competitor in relation to all other egregors.

However, the egregorial world is a much more powerful program than it appears at first glance. Therefore, if you do not develop and strengthen your personal egregore, after some time it will certainly be calculated, its unnaturalness will be recognised, and as a consequence it will be destroyed – it will be absorbed by another structure which is informationally stronger.

To prevent this from happening, one must constantly strengthen one’s system and personal egregore, and such strengthening is impossible without attracting external sources – currents, which must properly nourish, develop, and to some extent protect the system, bringing it into the correct orbit of interaction with the world’s program processes.