Strengthening the Core of the System

Strengthening the Core of the System

The core of the personal egregore is the place where the basic law of existence of the person and the purpose of his life are prescribed. They must be absolutely clear and accepted. This is where the existential volume is fixed and from here the connections arise. The strength of the core determines the strength of the whole system.

In this seminar students develop the ability to strengthen the core by attracting the additional currents of power from allies. They will make agreements with allied systems and understand the importance of the egregorial structure of this world.

The core is the power level of the system. It determines the method of reality construction.

In any system, the core is the most valuable part. And the most vulnerable. The system will tolerate any change except the destruction of the core, because that can cause the death of the whole system. If we are talking about a human being, the destruction of the core will not result in immediate physical death. However, reality can be completely destroyed and the importance of a person can be reduced to zero, to the state of a powerless slave.

All emanations of inner power come from the core of the system. When the current of information from the core stops, the consciousness dies. At the same time, the physical body continues to live somehow, but it is the life of an animal, of a plant, based only on instincts, and the simplest ones: to eat, to drink, to reproduce. But it’s not based on reason.

The opposite is also true: if the system manages to strengthen and maintain its core despite all the cataclysms, the system will continue to exist even after the physical carrier has been completely worn out, constantly manifesting the emanations of the core in space and time. At least as long as there is enough energy.

Thus, many outstanding people, destiny leaders and mind creators of the past have, through their deeds, managed to strengthen the core of their system to such an extent that the ideas projected by their consciousness live on to this day. The ideas are professed by the people and they voluntarily give their vital energy to maintain the vitality of these ideas. Such a consciousness lives on even without a physical body – it lives on in the minds of other people. The reason for this is that these geniuses, during their lifetime, were able to naturally create for themselves a personal egregore which, possessing the quality of self-regulation, continues to radiate the idea into space, attracting the resource of free vital energy.

Textbook for the 5th course of Main Department: Buddhic Body – “Egregores and the System of Controlling Reality”

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Admission: completion of the 6 basic lessons of the 5th Main course

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