Controlling the System of Values2

Controlling the System of Values

Controlling the System of Values

All the work in the 5th Main course is based on analysis and awareness. Those who wish to master the control of informational processes in this world must first learn to do so in their own consciousness. In the Controlling the System of Values seminar, students strengthen the structure of the system, harmonise the law and connections between all forces, and eliminate contradictions.

In this seminar, students work thoroughly with the system they have created and correct their agreement. Students recognise the values and beliefs that are in conflict with their system and saturate with energy those elements of their consciousness that support the value and law of their system.

Since the sphere responsible for the adequate conformity of life to values and beliefs is the most important in the whole structure of consciousness, you must be sure that it is very well protected from outside intrusion. In order to place your attention in this subtle body, it is necessary to create a special unlocking program, which will help to open the system of values and reprogram it as imperceptibly as possible.

Only after the new program of reality has been put on paper, checked and rechecked a hundred times, can it be implemented into consciousness. Hence, the conclusion: the main meditative practices (implementation technologies) should only be approached after the main part of the analytical work has been completed, not before.

So be patient, sharpen your pencils and prepare your paper: you will have to write a lot. And not on the computer, but with your own hands – it is a ritual action, obligatory in our tradition, and we cannot do without it.

Textbook for the 5th course of Main Department: Buddhic Body – “Egregores and the System of Controlling Reality”

Learning rules for the 5th course of Main Department: 

Admission: completion of the 6 basic lessons of the 5th Main course

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5th course of the Main Department consists of:

 6 Basics Lessons. Buddhic body

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