Mental body

Controlling the Energy of Your Thought

Textbook to the 3rd course (Mental body) of the Main Department of the Menshikova School.
At the core of this intricate tapestry lies the Mental body, a reflection of our innermost thoughts and beliefs. “Controlling the Energy of Your Thought” empowers you to harness the transformative power of your thoughts, enabling you to reshape your reality and unlock the latent potential hidden within your subconscious mind.


Mirror of One’s Inner World

Mental Body as a Mirror of the Inner World

The Mental body does not exist by itself. It is formed because all the subtle bodies (both higher and lower) have to be reflected somewhere. Everything that a person feels and experiences, everything that he fears and hopes for, has its representation in the form of words, concepts and patterns of behaviour. And all of this is stored in his Mental body. You can find out everything about another person if you know how to properly unpack what is stored in his Mental body.


money 3

Money-3. Mental Constructs

The world view of a person is shaped by his mental constructs. A mage has to create his own worldview, so he has to create his own mental constructs, rather than using ready-made ones from the human world (simpler does not mean better in this case).


mental plane

Mental realm

Knowing the structure and principles of programming the mental space, students learn not only to extract information from a common information system (library), but also to form programmes that realise their goals in the world of people.