Mental body

mental constructions

Dismantling Rigid Mental Constructs

The mental body of a magician is not only a huge library of knowledge, but it is also able to read information from all the mental space, all the “libraries”. Magicians then use this information to make constructions for themselves so that every task on which they work are realised with lightning speed. To achieve this, a universal algorithm must be created in their mental body that will allow to mount information in a new way every time.


Mirror of One’s Inner World

Mental Body as a Mirror of One’s Inner World

The mental body does not exist by itself. It is formed because all subtle bodies (both higher and lower) must be reflected somewhere. Everything that a person feels, experiences, fears and hopes is represented in the form of words, concepts and behaviour patterns in his or her mental body. If you know how to properly unpack everything that is written in the mind of your interlocutor, then you can learn everything about him or her.


money 3

Money-3. Mental Constructions

At this level, to solve a practical task of providing oneself with everything necessary, it is necessary to exclude non-performing programmes and false information, the use of which does not lead to a result as they give a wrong idea of ​​the possibilities and ways of achieving the desired financial level.