money 3

Money-3. Mental Constructs

The additional seminar of the 3rd course (Mental body) of the Main Department

This seminar will help you to remove ineffective programs from your consciousness, to master the skills of creating and transmitting your intention, and to make informational connections to sources of income.

The world view of a person is shaped by his mental constructs. A mage has to create his own worldview, so he has to create his own mental constructs, rather than using ready-made ones from the human world (simpler does not mean better in this case).

At this level of solving the practical problem of providing yourself with everything you need, it is necessary to exclude ineffective programs and false information, the use of which does not lead to results (wrong idea about the possibilities and ways of achieving the desired financial level).

This seminar you will:

  • Identify rigid mental constructs associated with the concepts of wealth and prosperity 
  • Dismantle the rigid mental constructs and recognise your limitations
  • Expand your Mental body to the desired level of of wealth and prosperity
  • Learn how to transmit your intention and make informational connections with the sources of income

Duration: 3 hours.

Admission: completed 3rd Main course – Mental body (3days)

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Textbook for the 3rd course of Main Department: Mental Body – “Controlling The Energy Of Your Thoughts”

3rd course of the Main Department “Liberation of consciousness”, constists of:
3rd Main course – Mental body

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