Mental Body Main course

3rd Main Course – Mental body

3 days of basic classes for the 3d course of the Main department “Liberation of Consciousness». 

The ability to use Words as an amazing tool to work in a social space is a great art. However, it is equally important to become aware of rigid mental constructs, stereotypical thinking and patterned behaviour and to remove them from your consciousness.  All this is the prerogative of the Mental body, where information determines the quality of life.

You need to know everything about the human world, its possibilities and its limitations. But knowledge alone is not enough; you also need to be able to navigate through an endless stream of information. To do this, thinking must be flexible, boundaries unattainable and thoughts free.

The Mental body is the main instrument of social consciousness. Your success in society, your career, your social status and everything that is somehow connected with the human world depends on how free and liberated your Mental body is.

Learning to use the Word, learning to apply different patterns of behaviour depending on PERSONAL goals and objectives – this is the main task of the 3rd Main course.

Duration: 3 days for 3 hours
Admission prerequisites: completed 2nd course of the Main Department (Astral body) 

After completing the 3d Main Course it is recommended to study the rest of the modules in the following sequence:
– Dismantling Rigid Mental Constructs (RMC)
– Mental Body as a Mirror of the Inner World
– Connection between thinking and behaviour patterns
– Money-3. Mental Constructs
– Mental Realm