Mirror of One’s Inner World

Mental Body as a Mirror of the Inner World

The additional seminar of the 3rd course of the Main Department

The Mental body does not exist by itself. It is formed because all the subtle bodies (both higher and lower) have to be reflected somewhere. Everything that a person feels and experiences, everything that he fears and hopes for, has its representation in the form of words, concepts and patterns of behaviour. And all of this is stored in his Mental body. You can find out everything about another person if you know how to properly unpack what is stored in his Mental body.

For students who want to better understand themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, this seminar is essential. This seminar is like a test that every mage needs to take on a regular basis to identify all the obstacles of consciousness that hinder the path of growth and mastery.

Such a revision of your consciousness should be done regularly to cleanse your mind of old and dysfunctional programs and old algorithms that no longer work. This practice can also help you to detect and remove a harmful program (a virus) that has suddenly appeared in your mind.

At this seminar you will:

  • Recognise the programs that determine your life path (core programs)
  • Identify these programs in the structure of the subtle bodies
  • Rewrite inefficient algorithms, activate and reinforce efficient ones
  • Understand the concept of fortune and prepare your consciousness to accept it
  • Tune your consciousness to naturally attract desired events.
  • Recognise the cause and effect of many events in your life and identify patterns
  • Rewrite the meaning of events and their consequences

Duration: 3 hours.
Admission: completed 3rd Main course – Mental body (3days)

To participate in online group lessons, please contact the school coordinator Diana – diana@mage.school

Textbook for the 3rd course of Main Department: Mental Body – “Controlling The Energy Of Your Thoughts”

3rd course of the Main Department “Liberation of consciousness”, constists of:
3rd Main course – Mental body

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