Magic as a system

Magic Q&A 9: Magic as a System

“Magic as a System” is the 9th installment in our ongoing “Magic in Questions and Answers” series, offering a comprehensive exploration of the intricate system of magic. Penned by a collective of authors including Ksenia Evgenievna Menshikova, teachers, and students of the School, this book promises to unveil the deeper layers of magical understanding.

In this volume, we delve into:

  1. The Magical System of the 12 Proto-Foundations: Explore the foundational framework that underpins magical practice.
  2. The Power of the Elements: Unravel the mysteries surrounding the elemental forces and their role in shaping magical manifestations.
  3. Conducting Forces with Consciousness: Understand how mages harness their consciousness to channel and manipulate mystical energies.
  4. Entering the Magical Circle of Being: Discover the techniques and practices involved in attaining the magical state of consciousness and entering the sacred realm of being.
  5. Exploring Karma-Zero and the Genius of the Earth: Delve into the concept of karma-zero, the notion of a neutral karmic state, and unravel the mysteries of the Earth’s genius.
  6. Formation of the Existential Volume: Gain insights into the formation of the existential volume and explore whether its speed is influenced by religion or tradition.

Through engaging discussions and thought-provoking inquiries, “Magic as a System” offers a profound journey into the depths of magical knowledge, inviting readers to expand their understanding and mastery of the mystical arts.

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