The Current of Creation

Поток творчества (творения) – изначальная сила. Учащиеся получают возможность прочувствовать изначальный поток и прикоснуться к смыслу бытия.

The Current of Creation

The сurrent of сreation is the primordial power. In this seminar students have the opportunity to touch this primordial current and the mystery of existence.

Having studied all the currents associated with the human world (money and health), the world of the gods (rule and fortune), and the world of the mages (love and knowledge), the student will gain the ability to perceive (briefly) the current of creation in its purest form.

According to the legend, creation, having decided to know itself, separated itself into dark and light parts, forming the current of knowledge and the current of love. All the separated parts could change themselves, form different currents of power and reconnect in a single creation through the current of love. In the reverse connection the creation changes and becomes stronger, more complex and more interesting. This process is repeated and will continue to be repeated as long as the process of creation changes with each new connection. If the creation stops changing, it will lose the meaning of its existence and all the powers of the world and the world itself will disappear. 

This is the most powerful current that only a very strong consciousness can withstand.

Textbook for 6th course of the Main Department: Egregors and the system of controlling reality

Learning rules for the 6th course of Main Department: 

Admission: completion of the 6th course of the Main Department –3 Basics Lessons

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6th course of Main department consists of:

– 3 Basics Lessons. The Currents of Forces

Current of Health

Current of Money

Current of Fortune 

Current of  Power

Current of Knowledge 

Current of Love 

Current of Creation