The Current of Love

The Current of Love

The Current of Love is the seminar of the 6th course of the Main Department. In this seminar, students explore the current of love not as a feeling but as a force that has nothing to do with emotions and sensations.

Love connects everything to everything else.

It is the force that transforms matter by making a connection between one thing and another. And for any mage practising in the tradition of Light, the most important creative task is to connect the unconnected and combine the incompatible. 

It is at this level of the currents that the schools of magic are divided: those mages who possess the current of love belong to the school of Light; those who possess the current of knowledge belong to the school of Darkness.

Light connects and darkness separates. These two principles are only available to mages and those who have a magical way of thinking.

In this seminar, you will comprehend the current of love. You will integrate it within yourself to define your magical specialisation, and once defined, you will learn to live and work in this current of power.

This current is only available to gods and mages. Humans, who think of love as an erotic and emotional attraction, simply misunderstand the term.

The power of love is the power of creation. But a magician’s consciousness must be sharpened for this power; he must develop all the tools to use it correctly.

Every mage has his own predestination – for light or darkness, for connection or separation. Revealing this particularity within yourself provides your own path in magic.

Textbook for 6th course of the Main Department: Egregors and the system of controlling reality

Learning rules for the 6th course of Main Department: 

Admission: completion of the 6th course of the Main Department –3 Basics Lessons

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6th course of Main department consists of:

– 3 Basics Lessons. The Currents of Forces

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Current of Money

Current of Fortune 

Current of  Power

Current of Knowledge 

Current of Love 

Current of Creation