Current of Knowledge

The Current of Knowledge

The Current of Knowledge

In this seminar the students will learn the current of knowledge as a power used in magic to separate things into their components. This is a special way of recognising reality that is vividly manifested in this world and is called cognition and knowledge. 

In this seminar, you will comprehend the current of knowledge – the power of Darkness. You will integrate it within yourself to define your magical specialisation, and once defined, you will learn to live and work in this current of power.

In order to know something, it is necessary to separate the object of knowledge into parts until the separation becomes impossible and only the original, primordial essence remains.

It is possible to perform all these actions with the object of knowledge only with the help of a special power that can separate the inseparable. In this world, such a power is called the current of knowledge.

Knowledge and Love are two currents that are diametrically opposed to each other both in function and quality.

Love – Light  unites. Knowledge – Darkness separates.

Each of these currents has its own work to do here on Gaia, and the magicians who carry these two currents have traditionally belonged to the Light Path and the Dark Path respectively.

Textbook for 6th course of the Main Department: Egregors and the system of controlling reality

Learning rules for the 6th course of Main Department: 

Admission: completion of the 6th course of the Main Department –3 Basics Lessons

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6th course of Main department consists of:

– 3 Basics Lessons. The Currents of Forces

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