Current of Money

The Current of Money

The Current of Money

The Current of Money is the seminar of the 6th course of the Main Department. In this seminar the students will learn how to attract the current of money, direct it to their goals and objectives, transform the informational component of the power, and properly give the transformed power to the world.

No matter how spiritual and advanced a person is, he cannot ignore the fact that he lives in a social world. And to survive, he needs money. Those who develop themselves in magic must be able to provide for their own needs without being distracted from their main task.

Money in this world is a measure of social success and sometimes a measure of personal talent and ability. Therefore, a mage must learn to attract this current to himself, so as not to waste his life and time gathering basic resources.

What is money from the point of view of the current of power?

First of all, money is materialised energy. Its materiality only results from the agreement that people once made among themselves after agreeing on the price. And the currents of power that flow through the space structured by society materialise in the form of money.

So money is the equivalent of the value of power and the value of time in the human world.

How to attract the current of money?

It is not difficult to attract the currents of power in the form of money. It is more difficult to attach this current to yourself, to direct it to your system, to the fulfilment of your goals. Very few people have this quality by nature. All others must learn it.

Suppose the current of money passes through a person (his consciousness and his energy field). And in a sufficiently large volume. But a person has no tools to hold this current, to transform it through his goals and tasks, and to send it back. to the outside world. It is said of such a person that money slips through his fingers. Why does this happen?

It happens to those people who have no personal goal or no pronounced personal value. All the goals he sets for himself are not his own. For the current of money, he becomes a kind of pipe, a conduit through which the money goes to a third party who has the goal. A person-conduit has attracted the current of money by virtue of his natural abilities, but someone else is using it.

A person-conduit sometimes doesn’t even know that a great current of power is flowing through him because he doesn’t see it, just like a pipe that doesn’t know what exactly is flowing through it – oil, water or sewage.

The acquisition of skills at this level is based on practical field research.

Textbook for 6th course of the Main Department: Egregors and the system of controlling reality

Learning rules for the 6th course of Main Department: 

Admission: completion of the 6th course of the Main Department –3 Basics Lessons

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