Rune Gebo

Rune Gebo

The meaning of the rune Gebo is “Gift and Sacrifice,” partnership, compensation. It is a powerful rune, traditionally used for attracting luck and establishing and harmonizing partnerships. 

The rune Gebo symbolizes the World of Gods—Asgard, the universal law of Equilibrium which governs all other worlds. It operates everywhere, encompassing the Worlds entirely. But a human is a part of this world, specifically a resulting part, and the law of Equilibrium is defined within the person himself. If, metaphorically speaking,

Gebo is not skewed in any direction within him, such a person is entirely self-sufficient. Open to this World and other Worlds. All forces enter him freely, and he can manage these forces correctly.

By understanding the full meaning embedded both in the symbolic significance of the rune and its configuration built in consciousness, you will be able to not only improve relationships with other people. But also identify why some relationships do not bring the expected results. Where you give more than you receive, and vice versa.

The rune  Gebo reveals and balances not only relationships with specific people. It balances the forces within you that include all six previous runes. It harmonizes your relationship with the world and makes the flow along the river of life more even, powerful, and conscious. Your approach to people and situations becomes not chaotic, random, or accidental, but conscious, understandable, and predictable in advance.

By aligning your consciousness with the help of this rune, you gain the opportunity to attract similarly balanced and compensated people into your life. Like attracts like and generates similar. If there is a certain imbalance in your consciousness in terms of adequate energy exchange, you will attract people with a similarly skewed consciousness into your life. For compensation.

Gebo—the rune of balance

It tells us, “What you give, you receive. What you sow, you shall reap.”

There must always be an equitable exchange in everything, based on calculation. Calculation is not cynical pragmatism but understanding and realization, acceptance of oneself, one’s true values. And the same adequate understanding and realization of other people and their values.

The rune Gebo, by unveiling the Law of Equilibrium and the principle of adequate energy exchange, reveals the secret of managing resources and time, teaching this mastery.

A balanced person attracts balanced people. A person with skewed energy exchange attracts similarly skewed individuals—for balance, for compensation. He and his environment are harmonious only together. If someone changes their principle of give-and-take, the usual environment will try to bring them back into “line.”

But this will never happen if the person bringing change into his inner world precisely knows why he needs it. He changes not out of fear, but from strength. People close to him and not will feel his strength and… adjust to him. Thus, a person of Power, a person of Spirit, by changing himself, changes the world—toward the Law, toward balance.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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