Rune Wunjo

Rune Wunjo

The rune Wunjo is symbolically interpreted as joy, happiness, and harmony. In the context of working with the runes of the first Aett—powers endowed within you—this rune symbolizes “the golden mean.”

It teaches finding joy and happiness in everything around you, seeing the joy in achievements, and finding positivity and seeing the effects of everything that happens to a person.

Wunjo is a diamond, the culmination of all human qualities. The ability to rejoice and be happy is the greatest Gift of the Gods bestowed upon humans. To never despair, never give up, always have faith and hope that things can still be. However, this is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. We are now to learn this great art.

The symbol of “the golden mean” is specifically indicative of the culminating, final power inherent within a person.

Humans are such beings, prone to extremes primarily linked to internal self-esteem. By falling into self-deprecation and self-aggrandizement, a person loses the ability to have an objective, clear view of things. Moreover, the inner attitude towards oneself is the primary cause of actions performed in real, external life.

The rune Wunjo opens up the quality of self-confidence

But this is not vain pride or smug self-satisfaction. It is an objective realization of one’s own significance among other people. Not in their eyes, but in one’s own.

The awakened powers, the powers endowed in a person, primarily speak of each person’s right to freedom of spirit. The freedom to express oneself in the world of people as they deem right for themselves. These powers have always been considered dangerous and rebellious by those who see a person merely as biomass, capable only of following orders from above. And it is precisely those who are insecure, whose self-esteem is extremely negative, who are the first and main targets for manipulation of consciousness. And consequently, of their fate and life.

To break away from the crowd, to become equal with the Gods, one can only do so by changing his inner world. By gaining self-sufficiency and confidence in oneself: I am a Person, I am not part of the crowd. I can be alone, and with them, but I will not follow the herd because the path is not visible behind the backs of people.

A different view of the world, awakened confidence in oneself, awareness of one’s inner strength will no longer allow you to live as before. To have the same relationships, grievances, or, conversely, fawning before the powerful of this world.

This magical action, miracle, magic—transforms you from a being into a person. Such as originally intended—strong, free, sensible, whole. A descendant of ancient Gods cannot be a slave.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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