Rune Thurisaz

The rune Thurisaz in its traditional meaning stands for “Thorn”, “Gate”, “Giant”. This rune is dedicated to the God Thor (in the Slavic pantheon, Perun) — the God of Warriors..

Rune Thurisaz

The rune Thurisaz in its traditional meaning stands for “Thorn”, “Gate”, “Giant”. This rune is dedicated to the God Thor (in the Slavic pantheon, Perun) — the God of Warriors.

The rune reveals personal qualities such as determination and the power of intention. It brings awareness of the forces, the power of spirit, and life force that the first two runes of the Futhark provided. These qualities are beneficial when directed properly.

Thurisaz teaches us to direct our strength where the outcome is most critical. Thus, the rune helps in realizing one’s own goals and fears through events. The sequence of events when working with this rune will reveal the prevailing intentions in the mind today. This valuable property of the rune also helps to recognize how much energy you are currently investing in your own life, values, and beliefs, and whether you are inadvertently championing a foreign idea.

Thurisaz — a symbol of order

Order, as the opposite of Chaos. Structured in the mind, it performs the same function: organizing the chaos of thoughts, emotions, and desires into concrete action. It points to a specific event and breaks down barriers that hinder the expression of intention.

Thur — Thor’s Hammer

This rune represents the ancient artifact known as Mjölnir — Thor’s Hammer.

This powerful weapon, according to legend, was used by the God of Order, Thor, to vanquish his arch-enemies — the giants. Possession of this weapon symbolized the right to power in the ancient Aesir system. Whoever wielded the Hammer had the ability to establish a new order if the old one had become obsolete.

However, the Hammer had one important feature — it always returned to the hand of the one who threw it, much like a boomerang. This mythical allegory shows how crucial it is to be aware of one’s actions and the power of one’s intentions. And never forget that every action, according to the Law of Equilibrium, generates an equal and opposite reaction. Can you handle the consequences of your intention?

Are you prepared to accept the inevitable result? Can you prevent your intention from being used thoughtlessly or impulsively?

God Thor — the protector of the new order

And his weapon — a tool for organizing a renewed world. Thurisaz, when properly used in your life, will serve the same function.

The ancients said about this rune: “The gods can rely on it.” If everything in your mind is correct, if you live according to your own values and convictions and achieve your goals, everything in your life will happen correctly, and the rune will show this.

The “old order” that Mjölnir destroys symbolizes the rules established at some point. Rules not set by you but that compel you to follow them. How much they align with you personally will be revealed by this rune.

The world can exist if it is constantly renewed. Through endless change, constant destruction, and creation, the world gains the opportunity to structure itself anew each time. In this context, power is a tool to control such destruction and creation. Only through endless dynamics, the struggle of old and new, is there space for life and human development.

It’s important to see your goal.

Thor’s Hammer, also interpreted as an axe, lies in the hands of a warrior. The direction it takes depends on the warrior’s own intention, desire, and the goal before him. If the desire is undefined, Thurisaz will not define it for you — that is not its function. It will fulfill the desires it sees, those manifested at the moment, regardless of whether these desires are dictated by subconscious fears. The weapon cares nothing for the warrior’s emotional struggles.

A formed intention guides a person through life. Only those who see and understand their goal possess the power of intention. Then, determination comes to replace mere intention. The fury of a berserker, capable of engaging hand-to-hand with all the enemies of the world.

When the goal is defined and there are no subconscious obstacles left. When the internal has generated the external, then a miraculous transformation occurs, turning a being eternally tormented by doubt into a Warrior of Spirit.

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