Rune Fehu

Description of runes Fehu: interpretation, meaning, symbolic value.

Rune Fehu

Its symbolic meaning is wealth, cattle, property. However, one should not forget that all runes are highly allegorical and should not be taken literally. The concepts of “cattle” and “wealth,” which symbolize this rune, primarily talk about possession, property rights, and the inner potential that allows one to acquire and maintain material goods in life. After all, we live in a material world.

What a person accumulates in life, the property they acquire, the achievements they make, the children they have—all remain on earth and serve as a launching pad for the lives of future generations. What they take with them belongs only to them. With this power and knowledge, they arrive, and with them, they leave, having enriched and developed them throughout their life.

The spirit is the soul’s power to follow its path.

Only the power of the spirit, expressed by the rune Fehu, can determine what a person will rightfully possess in this world. If the spirit is strong, your rights in this world will be clearly defined, and your power and opportunities will only increase. But if the spirit is weak, if it is submissive and dependent, then you are not entitled to any rights because you simply will not be able to manage them correctly. Thus, such a quality as the power of the spirit requires growth, nurturing, development, and enhancement.

The rune Fehu helps you realize your true wealth, the power that serves as a guiding star for every person. It lies in the ability to change the course of one’s fate, to direct one’s life along the chosen path through the efforts of spirit and will.

This power is potential and exists in every person living in the human world.

If the soul is strong, so are its possibilities. That is why the rune Fehu is the first in the Futhark. If there is spiritual power, the soul will live its life and be free. Otherwise, the soul remains in bondage to a powerful but greedy egregore, and freedom is out of the question.

The rune Fehu awakens the power that allows one not to break. It will not let you kneel and wait while the forces of this world determine your further life.

Fehu— the Rune of Possession

It awakens in you the right to power, to own resources. It does not teach you how to master and defend this power—that is the prerogative of subsequent runes in the Futhark. But the very first rune, Fehu, is first because without awakening the main power, all other skills and opportunities will be meaningless. For you will not know what to do with them if the spirit is silent within you.

Spiritual power is not only the ability to cope with external difficulties and overcome internal obstacles. It is primarily the understanding of why you need this.

The spirit awakened by the rune Fehu provides the knowledge and right to build your life as you see fit for yourself. Because you have a goal.

Realizing your mission, your main life goal is not a quick or instant process. We will definitely get there. But without unlocking the internal potential, without realizing the right to have your own goal, it will be very difficult to see, understand, and accept it.

Your path is just beginning, and the runes—beautiful, wise, strong—will not let you stray from the path, will not allow fatigue and doubt to make you turn back. Trust them.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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