Rune Raidho

The traditional meaning of the rune Raidho is horse riding, wheel, and road.

Rune Raidho

Raidho — the rune of life’s path, describing a person’s life. It suggests that understanding the purpose of human actions is achieved through movement, through dynamics, that is, over time.

Time is a complex concept. It is objective for everyone and subjective for each person. How you perceive time and yourself in it is highly individual.

In the objective world, we observe the cyclical nature of time, a measured and established rhythm by the cosmos. Spring follows winter, night follows day, old age follows youth. Clocks count seconds and minutes, the sun rises and sets at its designated time and place. We live in a world of linear time flow, where all events are aligned in a sequence where cause follows effect. We perceive time purely subjectively.

Beyond the subjective perception of life’s timeline, there is another perspective related to the perception of reality. When constructing a chain of cause and effect, it relies on the most vivid impressions. The most significant events.

Thus, when describing his life, one typically starts from the beginning — from birth and moves towards the “here and now,” while focusing on what he considers key events: schooling, baptizing, marriage, etc. What about the perception of the rest of life? Surely, in the intervals between key events, wasn’t there anything worthy of attention? The perception of these “intermediate” stages seems to be erased from memory. Attention slips past, trying again and again to touch upon the main, significant milestones of a lived life.

Working with the rune Raidho, you engage in the flow of time with your whole being, feeling life in all its grand manifestations with every cell of your grateful and wise body.

Raidho — the rune of the Path

As long as a person is alive, they are capable of a lot of things. They can change their life, the course of their destiny, by being attentive to subjective reality. The Rune of the Path, the movement through life in the process of experiencing life every minute, every moment. This rune reveals the beauty of the movement itself, of breathing and feeling life in all its manifestations.

In ancient traditions, the rune Raidho is considered a protective rune on the journey. By understanding life as a Path, we touch the sacred meaning of this rune, as protection in all planes of existence.

Raidho — the rune of protection

To enter this flow of time, which Raidho symbolizes, means to gain safety. The price for this safety will be eternal forward movement. This living stream will sweep away everything that hinders your movement, becoming an obstacle on your path.

Engaging in the Raidho current teaches strategies of choice, not stopping or lingering on external obstacles. It teaches how to alter your movement in the flow of life without interrupting the movement itself.

The manifested rune Raidho in consciousness indicates that the amount of power for moving through life will be immense. And the influence on the upper, informational layers of consciousness from the external world will be blocked. Your inner world — “I am.” It will have the right to influence the path you pave for further events.

There will be no cataclysms. With the help of this remarkable rune, you will see how your thought, intention, and of course, attention shape life. How stereotypes of consciousness build fate.

Connection with the runes is also an awakening of hidden and ancient forces within oneself that align the movement along the set path. They help correctly assess the consequences and navigate this path with maximum efficiency.

When you live in harmony with your essence, do not deny the presence of force within yourself, take responsibility for your thoughts, desires, and actions — everything in your life will align correctly. Successfully and interestingly.

Raidho — the principle of eternal movement

The power of Raidho unites all preceding runes by the principle of eternal movement, the inevitability of this movement. When you think nothing in the world changes, life still moves in a vast stream. It flows around you, sweeping you along.

How often can you hear the expression: “You need to live here and now! Don’t live in the past, don’t soar into lofty heights, but experience life at this very minute, this very moment.” That’s correct, but why? Is this the ultimate goal — to experience a state? Or, perhaps, the state of “here and now,” important for self-awareness, is necessary for something else?

Exactly so. The state of experiencing the present moment gives an incomparable feeling of the fullness of one’s life. The vividness of sensations and a huge creative potential. Creative! This means the power of the moment “here and now” is meant for self-development. Building your life, reality, realizing your Purpose.

A person who knows and understands their purpose can manage the flow of space-time according to their goal. Accordingly: speed up where necessary, climb ashore and wait where needed, turn away from the current and change the direction of their movement.

Raidho helps to understand both the sensation of the flow of life and the finiteness of the soul’s journey in this body. Like any road, it has an end. This journey is one among the many thousands of roads that you can travel in various forms and appearances. Eternal life lies in endless possibilities and the right to choose them according to one’s own faith.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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