The rune Uruz — aurochs, bison, symbolizes vital force.


Vital force is the primal essence without which no person can exist. You may have an excellent education, a wonderful family, loyal friends, but if you lack health, all the world’s benefits lose their meaning. Health indicates the presence of vital forces in the body and mind, which are cause and effect of each other.

Life energy is one of the fundamental forces that organize life. The consciousness of a person with strong health differs from that of someone who is constantly struggling with illnesses. A sick person has to expend more strength and energy on mere physical survival than a healthy one. The status of a child’s inherent vital forces leaves an imprint on their entire future life.

It is no coincidence that Fehu — the spirit’s power — is the very first rune in the Futhark. When the first and foremost power in a person is present, they can change their entire life, including their health state, through the influence of this power.

It is the spirit’s power that can activate in you the potential for life — the power to survive despite everything. This potential exists in every person; it just needs to be awakened. The force of life is inherent in the Uruz rune.

Uruz — Immeasurable Force — accumulation of pure energy

But if Fehu is not awakened, this swift energy can spiral out of control and consume a person like an element that sweeps away everything in its path. When controlled, it becomes the power to create everything — health, life, realization of ideas and plans — in a specific place and object.

Uruz — dense earthly energy, physical beginning

It abruptly opens all the lower chakras. Uruz manifests gradually: first, you might feel some calm, like the calm before a storm, and only then does it engulf and carry you. It gives the power for the fullest self-expression. It sharpens intuition and sexuality and makes you more attractive.

This rune does not provide feelings, emotions, wisdom, or understanding, nor does it heal emotional pain. It gives only strength. The strength of the aurochs, which moves forward no matter what. Strength that, when used correctly, can move any obstacles and help survive.

Uruz is simply the force, the potential that you develop in yourself by connecting your consciousness with this rune.

Energy for a person is not only the power of the Earth, “the power that acts.” It’s also sensations, emotions, drive, and desires. When attention is focused only on one’s dreams and there is no desire to fulfill them, the power of sensations and emotions is not so important for a person. By not feeling your body, you miss the signals that the body sends, missing the onset of illness. As a result, you end up with problems that can only be solved surgically, and not always at that.

For any action, power and energy are needed

It doesn’t matter where exactly you perform this action — outside yourself or within your own consciousness. Always remember that all internal changes must have their continuation in the external world — only then will the law of universal Equilibrium be observed, and a real material result can be achieved.

Course textbook: “Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”

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