About debaptism. Classic way to perform the debaptism in a Russian banya, at the crossroads, or in the cemetery. Egregors in agony. Most optimao debaptizing method. Honest warrior. Pay your dues. Settle your debt..

About Debaptism.

The classic ways to perform the debaptism are in a Russian banya, at the crossroads, or in the cemetery are generally effective. 

“Since the change of aeon is taking place now, as it was mentioned in one of the videos, and the current basic religions find themselves in a tough spot where they’re being held accountable, perhaps these are the circumstances which will allow you to go through the process of debaptising while following a successful scenario, be in the right place in the right time, so to say. And which debaptising method would be the most optimal in the present time? Thank you for understanding the humor, although the topic isn’t very funny.”

Yes, this topic is both funny and not funny at the same time. It becomes funny after you’ve gotten rid of it, but until then it’s not. Because now, during the period when the religious egregores are in agony, even though they’re getting weaker, they are getting angrier nonetheless. If they’ve got a hold on someone, they are akin to a bull terrier – they won’t let him go. Sometimes it happens that they don’t keep a hold on someone simply because they no longer have any resources to do that – to hold on to anybody randomly. And this, as they say, depends on your luck. If the religious egregores see you as an insignificant figure, sometimes, especially now, they won’t even notice you leaving. But if you are significant or just happened to get within their sight, then sometimes it could be extremely hard to get away from them. However, there is still the matter of one’s debt. It will be very difficult to get out now if there are debts to Christianity because currently every sheep of theirs is being accounted for. You should understand that. In this case, you should try any method out there, whatever works. Well, the classic way is to perform the debaptism in a Russian banya, at the crossroads, and in the cemetery. Those are the classic ways that are generally effective. 

Your intention is very important. You are leaving Christianity, where are you going and why? Answer these two questions. After doing that try to understand that if there is a debt, it would have to be settled. In spite of it being weak or strong, don’t rush to take advantage of it. Simply for the sake of your own self-respect, don’t act the way they do. In their time they crumbled human pillars just by taking advantage of the weakness, a certain weakness of spirit and mind. Don’t be like that, otherwise, after a while you would have to face the fact of someone trying to get rid of you as well.

Act like an honest warrior. If you owe something, you must pay your dues. Settle your debt and, maybe, even pay some extra, just in case. Don’t forgive yourself for your weaknesses, and then you won’t have to ask for forgiveness from anyone else, never again. Form an intention, pay your debts. Announce this intent to the system that you are leaving. It is fair. You will respect yourself even more if at this moment you don’t take advantage of their weaknesses. 

Your inner self-respect will allow you to enter your own personal channel, of your own god, more likely if you leave the Christian system the way a warrior would, as a strong player who, by doing so, will prove that he is able not to lie, even when it’s safe to do so. This, together with self-respect, as well as, perhaps, the observance of pagan tradition which doesn’t welcome any lies even to the enemy. 

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