About The Astral Body And The Astral Realm

About The Astral Body And The Astral Realm

What is the difference between the Astral body and the Astral realm?

“Studying at the second main course, a question arose: what is the difference between the Astral body and the Astral realm? How strong are the boundaries of the Astral body? I realize that cleansing is helpful, and I can see the results, but as someone passionate, I want to refrain from cleansing a space that is not my own.. How can I feel the boundaries between my Astral space and others? Probably, the information escapes my attention and in general, the topic of what is and isn’t mine is the key to working out in this life”.

Don’t spare any effort. It is like keeping your own body hygiene, but at the same time, do not clean your apartment,  thinking, “I am not the only one who lives there, so let them clean it themselves, and I will only wash my body partly…” But that’s not quite right. If it is a common space, then it is fair that everyone should clean it up.

One’s own Astral space is one’s own realm of emotions. It is controlled by the Mental body and nourished by the Etheric body. Control speaks not only about the rules of using your energy resource, particularly your Astral body but also about setting boundaries. Your Mental body itself determines what is yours and what is not, or rather, your picture of the world determines it. It has clear attitudes: what is mine and what is not mine, who is one’s own and who is a stranger, where is my space, and where is someone else’s space. Your Astral realm is within the boundaries defined by your Mental body; beyond these boundaries is someone else’s space. When you connect with your own, the boundaries fall. When your Mental body registers something foreign, the boundaries rise. 

The Astral realm is never static because we communicate with different people, so this boundary is constantly floating. But something purely private such as personal emotions, attitude towards yourself, aspects that do not depend on the principle of your own, nor on the space you are in – this is precisely your Astral body.

When we cleanse our Astral body, we cleanse our astral connections, that is, the inner connections between our own Mental and Astral bodies. In fact, we cleanse the inner space of our personal attitude to ourselves so that this internal space does not limit us or, on the contrary, does not force us to communicate with the outer space, which our mentality, our consciousness, does not need. It is the I Am that determines it. When we are in the state of the I Am, all subtle bodies come to the inner immersion in themselves. That is why it is possible to determine very precisely what is mine and what is not mine because we work only with our own. But without sorting out your own, you will never become independent from someone else’s because there can be an internal substitution of concepts. If you call your own something that is foreign, you will get a lot of disappointments. First of all, because you may violate someone’s rights, and second, you may fall into an illusion. Only the I Am knows what is specifically yours and what is not yours.

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