About The Interaction With The System

About The Interaction With The System

Interaction with the system.

The system never breaks its own rules, and a person is too lazy to study the system, forming a complex of illusions in the consciousness…

“At one of our meetings, you said that now we should distance ourselves from the system and try not to depend on it as much as possible. However, there are people, just a few, who manage to be independent of the system and at the same time enjoy its benefits. Who are those people you talked about? Are they mages?”

Not just mages but also ordinary people who realize that freedom is the most precious thing in the world. It is possible to communicate with the system in different ways. There are people who are confident that the system owes them. We were told that we live in a democratic society, and we believed it. But this concept has formed a certain complex of illusions within the consciousness. A person falls into this trap only due to his own illiteracy and laziness. He is too lazy to dig deeper in order to obtain and learn the information.

The system allows him to enjoy the benefits of its own institutions, the ones it has created. But now the system runs out of time; the timer is off. It says, “there will no longer be any of my institutions nor benefits I used to provide. You don’t agree? Then it’s easy, just follow me. We will transition to a different path, but you’ll follow me as my property because, for you, these institutions are more important than your own free will.”

Those who are not in the system understand all this and interact with the system by purchasing its benefits for an already declared fair price. I give you eight hours of my time, and you give me a certain amount of money as well as this and that. Is it fair? It is fair. I give you my money; you give me the goods. I give you my professional knowledge in this particular amount, and you give me back something else. It’s a fair deal. But as a rule, people usually don’t act this way. They go to work, and they don’t realize that they’re selling their time. They bring their children to be baptized, and they don’t realize that they’re enslaving their children to a Judaic god. They don’t consider it because it’s a tradition, and it’s natural to them. The system never breaks its own rules, but a person is just too lazy to study the system in which he lives. Those few who are free and have studied this neither expect nor take anything from the system for free.

Mages ultimately do not deal with the system, never ever; they dive in and out of it because they have the right to do so. And the warriors establish their relationships with the system precisely based on the agreement. 

How to stay away from the system? Be aware. Any action, any offer from the system must immediately trigger a response within the consciousness, “what is in return?” You should make it very clear for yourself, “what do they actually want from me in return, and do I agree to that?” What else is there? Respect someone else’s boundaries. When entering a foreign territory, a warrior knows that there is a master with his own rules. And if you do not follow these rules, any master has the right to destroy you physically, socially, or emotionally,  no matter how. A warrior, a free man,  must know perfectly well his own boundaries as well as the boundaries of others and try never to cross them. But if you happen to cross those boundaries, then do it with the purpose of taking over, and keep pursuing your goal while knowing that you are capturing a foreign environment. But warriors rarely act this way; merchants do that because they have no other way. A warrior is not a hard-headed soldier; a warrior is a man of honor who respects not only his own notions of honor but also the honor of others. 

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