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Ad Libitum Department. Adequate Energy Exchange. Excerpt from Lecture.

The Ad Libitum Department requires no prior knowledge or skills. In the Adequate Energy Exchange class we will try to touch the foundations of our own personality. We will try to understand what our personality consists of and whether we have the ability and the qualities to describe this personality for ourselves in a very clear way. To stop perceiving ourselves as some kind of chaotic mess of thoughts, feelings, words, assumptions, sensations, and so on. To somehow try to systematize everything, to make it more or less clear to us. Not to limit oneself to a certain framework, but to better understand the effects of one’s own reaction to the surrounding reality. Because when you understand the reasons for your reactions, you understand what to expect from yourself and the people around you. 

Once you are aware of this, there is much you can do to resolve the conflict with the outside world and even benefit from it in some way. This conflict will not be excessive, it won’t take away your strength, your time, your resource, which means that this resource will be used exclusively for the benefit, for the creation, for the building of your own personality. Each of us has our own personal tasks in this world. And they are different for each person. And that’s the very first thing we’re going to try to deal with. First, we must establish a simple, immutable truth for ourselves. All people are different. We somehow forget this obvious truth, and try to bring ourselves under the common denominator.

The human being, his consciousness, fulfills a certain function here in this world. All of us together perform a certain collective function, and each of us performs a certain personal function. Some perform a function for themselves, and some perform a function for reality, as strange as that may sound. How can you determine what your personal function is? Are there any characteristics of recognition so that we can understand exactly whether it is you who exists for the world, or whether the world exists for you? Can this function change depending on what stage of life we are in? Can our personality change over time? And what is personality? Is it an innate quality or is it acquired? This is what we will try to deal with. We are going to look for a certain image of our own uniqueness. These are the qualities that you are fully aware of and that show you as a person who is a little different from the people around you. What qualities make you different from the people around you, should you develop these qualities, should you value them more than your other abilities?

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