What's going on with time?

What’s going on with time?

Changes in space and time. What is happening to time? Why has time accelerated? How to live in your own rhythm of time?

What is happening to time? Why has it speed up?

“What is happening to our time right now? It feels like I’m in a funnel. Time keeps getting shorter and shorter, I feel that there are no longer 24 hours in a day, but 12 hours instead. I’m empirically checking. What used to be accomplished in a certain amount of time is no longer manageable and the speed is increasing, I want to hit the brakes.

Indeed, time has accelerated a lot, and the same routine action, which depends on physical abilities only, checked by years of timekeeping, requires a different amount of time and one manages to accomplish less than before. This is due to the changing space. We have to get used to living faster, on accelerated rhythms. Sleep less, walk faster, eat less, think more, comprehend situations faster, do everything faster.

You may even feel that you are very slow now, because you are not in sync with this new time – this is a side effect. You apparently manage to do a lot, but it seems to you that you do nothing, that you are idle – this is also an effect of it.

Time spins faster, you do all the things, but your habitual rhythm says that in order to do this thing you have to make 3000 brain revolutions per second (rps) of time, and you have only 1500 brain revolutions per second of time. This is a purely subjective feeling, but eventually you will attune because everyone will live in their own rhythm of time. It has to do with your internal clock, someone has 3000 revolutions per second, someone has 1500 rps, someone has two – inhale and exhale.

You have to find precisely yours and when you synchronise with the external time, you will recognise absolutely for sure the time echelon you are on. You will very accurately see people who are on a different echelon, who are slower in thinking, slower in walking, slower in speaking, slower in acting, or vice versa, who are doing so many times faster than you, nonetheless you will identify them, and appreciate them.


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