How the egregorial world controls your goals

How the egregorial world controls your goals

Egregore is the fiefdom of the Buddhic Body. It represents an independent inanimate formation, but highly informational, which performs a controlling function to the Causal body (the body of experience and chains of cause-and-effect relationships). The Causal body predetermines that the time flowing through the consciousness of every living being will be directed in a certain way. These channels pave the way for the purpose of the human being, time and energy flow through them. Time, as a vector of direction from the past to the future, is the energy source for the Force of any egregorial system.

The egregorial system develops mechanisms on how to make an individual, a living consciousness, preferably voluntarily, direct his time to the realization of a certain goal, thus confirming the correctness and his fidelity of this goal with his life. Everything should be devoted to a certain norm and rule. And the more time a person devotes to it, the more, to a greater extent, he strengthens the Egregore.

For example, a religious person must go through the cruelest cataclysms of his own worldview to give up religious ideas and start living not in the name of religion, but in the name of something else. A person who has lived all his life in a totalitarian environment, in very harsh paramilitary conditions, must also go through a certain shock, a very strong psychological cataclysm, in order to devalue the concepts that were given to him by this environment. This cataclysm, as a rule, comes from below, from the Etheric body and the Astral body.

At a certain age (30, 40, 50 years old), we enter the period of decision-making, which is the years of reassessment of values. It is at this age that people tend to change their area of activity, change families, countries, cities, that is, their consciousness asks for changes. Not so much because everything is energetically boring, but because there is a revision of values, it is a direct request, a demand, of one’s own soul, of one’s own structure of the I Am, which is looking for reasons to live on. If such reasons are not found, the program starts to fold. And why are there no such reasons? Because the value that is supported and established in the Buddhic Body is not universal, and sooner or later it says: “Here is the limit of my possibilities, I cannot arrange events for you more than I have it programmed within my capabilities.

Every Egregore is a program, it has an idea in its core, for the sake of which it lives, and if it does not assume geographical, temporal or any other expansion of life, sooner or later you will run into an invisible wall. And then your Egregore will say to you: “Go back and stop fooling around, or find a way to destroy my wall and go beyond my limits, and in the latter case, I will definitely be in your way. Because you are my resource. I feed on your time and as long as you voluntarily invest your time in me, I live, but if you go away, I will have nothing to eat and both I and my idea will perish”.

Sometimes in the core of the Egregore itself, a timer is set on how long it has to exist. Then these walls just fall apart. And sometimes certain viruses invade the egregorial system and force this timer to accelerate.

It only depends on the person’s will whether he breaks through this invisible wall or not.

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