About Funeral Rites In Atheism

About Funeral Rites In Atheism

About a funeral ritual in atheism

“If a person is an atheist and is buried without religious rituals, by what channel does his soul leave? Will he incarnate in the future in a secular atheist society?”

Anything can happen. In the system we live in, it is very important to minimize the rituals related to funerals. Ritual is not a joke. We live in a system where symbols have an impact and religious rituals work, even if a drunken priest performs them. And it will matter if the funeral was held without any rites, but the deceased was buried in a cemetery lit by a Christian church. It is not without reason that people spend so much effort and time putting into the heads of their religious relatives that they should burn them after their death and scatter their ashes over the Pulkovo Heights or the Baltic Sea just to avoid the rite. It is not a whim or fancy; it is a deep understanding that nothing will stop unless this perpetual movement through this infinity ends.

As for reincarnation in other systems, it all depends on your agreement with that system. Nothing stops you from forming an intention and building a vector of your department now in your lifetime. This also works, especially if you combine it with the proper ritual of the pagan systems. It is a well-formed package, already full of ritualistic; you just have to explore and study this question. That is the price of the issue.

Do not rely entirely on God’s will, leaving everything in his hands, but act like a pagan. A pagan is one whose consciousness values its freedom more than anything else, including the freedom of its own choice. And this means that you need to form an intention with a clear understanding of where, when, and under what conditions. If you want to come back here again and make a new agreement, you must understand and realize all aspects of the current agreement. And already now, while you are still alive, look for information and take the geis that you need to fulfill in order to form a certain energy volume, a reserve that will be enough for your transition. So that the light at the end of the tunnel does not pull you into itself so that you have enough strength to resist leaving through the channels that have already been laid.

By developing awareness in yourself and having the ability to reinforce your awareness with your personal egregore, be sure that it will weigh you down enough that you won’t be dragged down by the channel you’re completely unwilling to leave. The heaviness of your consciousness will be so great that you will be able to go in the countercurrent of this channel wherever you want to. If, during your lifetime, you set an informational vector of connection with your god, with your space, with your reality, you get an opportunity, in today’s computer language, to change location, to move to this location without much damage to your own memory. We must prepare ourselves now.

In Greece, the Eleusinian mysteries were held for this purpose, the meaning of which is to prepare one’s consciousness for the correct transition, preferably without loss of memory. These were serious rituals, and they fell into two categories: lesser and greater mysteries. The lesser mysteries were a kind of entertainment show accessible to all comers. The greater ones had a complex mythological base. Those who study the Greco-Roman channel in our GTM (General Theory of Magic) course explore this question.. And you don’t need a mystery guide or any other guru-teacher at all. You can do absolutely everything by yourself if you understand what you want, when you want it, where you want it, and what you need to do it, i.e. how much you are willing to put in.