How does moving to a new home affect a person?

How does moving to a new home affect a person?

“How does moving to a new apartment or a secondary home affect a person when the sale of one’s house occurs, how does this affect people who now will be living at your old place? And how will it affect me?

It is ideal, of course, to live in a place that was built for you, considering your energy or the energy of your family. Perhaps, not many people can afford that.

When you move into a place after people have lived there, it can have an impact. But what kind of impact? Does it make sense to be frightened, afraid or do anything at all?

The Etheric Realm, which is the energy of the apartment, is a short-lived thing. Energy has a property to disperse, to spread evenly. The informational component, if it is not nourished, goes away very quickly. Negative energy of the apartment can be felt. People with subtle organization of their consciousness will feel it at once, they will determine that their mood becomes ruined  in this apartment.

People who move into a new apartment interrupt the old energy with their own one, and after a while the apartment becomes akin to a second skin. We fill it with our own emotions, they become dominant, i.e. you practically form your own environment.

“How does moving to a new apartment affect a person?”

how-does-moving-to-a-new-home-affect-a-personIt is worse when there is something that nourishes negative energy. What could it be? It can be a certain object or something material, which has an informational component, that is, some possibly enchanted object that has retained a certain memory. Then, of course, the space will not adapt to you quickly. Usually such things are so-called enchanted objects, something that was left behind, or things with a deep history. For example, a bed on which a person was sick for a long time or died. Such memories remain and can be preserved for a long time.

 It should be remembered that if you live in a rented place, you should not use someone else’s bed, it is better to buy your own, it is desirable not to save money. Dishes that were used by strangers, in the same way, can also keep the imprint for a very long time, especially if they are old, with chips or cracks. It is always better to use your own things that you come in contact with. Try to never leave things that have to do with you personally. The sympathetic magic is still present. 

 When you buy a secondary housing, it is very rare to study the history of the apartment. After all, the older the house, the better its memory. It is better, of course, to ask the walls via certain diagnostic, magical tools.

 If you move out, move somewhere and you have good contact with the brownie, you should take him with you and ask him as if to cleanse your home. Leave the brownie gifts and presents, it is usually enough. If you are leaving the house where you have been a guest, thank him for everything he has done for you.