Individual Agreement With Egregore. Is It Possible

An Individual contract with an egregore. Is it possible?

An individual contract with the egregore of one’s work, time and skill for money. It is possible to enter the professional egregore through a code, a symbol.

Is an individual contract with an egregore possible?

“If I see the realization of my potential in teaching and scientific work, but I consider the pay to be insufficient, is it necessary to sign an individual contract with the egregore? As compensation, I will accept not just money, but also other benefits such as connections, opportunities, and luck.”

The more professional you are, the more valuable you are to your egregore. Any contract you make with the egregore of your work is always on someone else’s terms. In light of the current changes, look not so much at the egregore of your firm or company – where you trade time and skill for money – but at the system of your professional egregore. Because a professional egregore can have a lot of such companies, but there are few professionals.

Therefore, if your professional egregore will look at you not as a technician-worker, but as a truly potential consciousness through which information can flow, transforming it into scientific conclusions, then your value for the system and for your professional egregore becomes much higher. If you establish a contact with your professional egregore, then you no longer have to sign a contract with your company – you only need to order it, and it will be obliged to obey.

As for the mechanism itself – the contract takes place in the form of a dialogue. You must understand that it is not a person, but you will decipher its messages through your own mentality. In order to connect with the egregorial system, you need to be included in it.

Inclusion is traditionally done through a symbol. Every profession, every enterprise, every large structure has a certain symbol. To enter the egregore, you need to know some codes, which, as a rule, are not made public, but you can call to them through a symbol. On your inner screen, in the third eye area, in the Buddhic body dimension, you need to form very vividly and in great detail this symbol and establish contact with it – it will be in the form of a dialogue . You give him your demands, it gives you its demands. 

If we are talking about lower order egregores, which are at the level of elemental (spontaneous) forces, at the level of Bloodline and family –  for example, it is a family enterprise –  then as a rule their possibilities are limited, and they may not always be able to fulfill what you need. That is, they will take their time as they should, but they can only pay according to the rules that exist at that level.

Another thing is when you connect with a professional egregore, there are quite different opportunities there. There you can interact not only at the level of money, but also at the level of professional information, luck and possibly some elements of power, some additional preferences connected with science, teaching, that is, everything that is related to your profession. But you, having connected with this system, will not remain the same. Remember that your professionalism must grow. Only in this way will you prove that you did not show up as the best for nothing.

You are a Warrior and you are responsible for your words. You are indeed a professional, as you have labeled yourself, and this is not a lie, figure of speech, or an illusion you are under – which means that additional skill will be required of you. Additional training in all those areas in which you claim, as having the right to take from and having the ability to give, at that level .


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