Why Are Mental Disorders So Common Nowadays

Why Are Mental Disorders So Common Nowadays?

Why are mental disorders so common nowadays?

“More and more people seem to suffer from mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. What are they from a magical point of view? What is their purpose, and why has it become so pronounced in people nowadays?”

“Tell us, is there any material regarding panic attacks? Where did they come from? Why do so many people, including children, suffer from them now?”

The questions come from two different locations, English-speaking and Russian-speaking, but they have the same problem. This means that such a problem does not depend on the social system. Such problems are characteristic of the fact that the informational space experiences a change in the density of the presented information; it has greatly increased. It is assumed that if there is an increase in population, more information should be given to them so that there is enough for everyone. But it turns out that only a small part of people can perceive it.

For the last few years, the phrase “people need to wake up” or simply “awake” has appeared on various forums, but nobody knows what stands behind it and what it really means. And it means that the consciousness of a person should start to perceive external and internal information because, in a sleeping state, it does not possess this quality. A sleeping consciousness is not capable of acting;  it is only capable of being guided. But this information cannot just be scattered around into nowhere, so it will be taken by some other consciousnesses. Sometimes, it happens that the informational load on such consciousness is excessive, meaning that a person simply cannot perceive information with such density. And his mind starts to panic.

The consciousnesses of many people simply closed off automatically, like in a shell: I can’t see anything, I can’t hear anything, and I won’t say anything to anyone. It is a purely psychological defense against these densified currents. And someone who did not close off was forced to perceive this current in the volume and density to which he was not used to.

Those who developed their consciousness, who immediately understood what was happening here, or at least intuitively felt that now it is necessary to do something not with the outside world but with themselves, have much better chances of success. Although, over the last few years, even they, the experienced practitioners, had a very difficult time because they took on all the compensatory load of this dense informational current. But nevertheless, they survived, persisted, and even began to develop more rapidly.

And it is really visible on all indicators, take as an example the students of our school. A sharp, quantum leap in the last two or three years. It is also a kind of test, an injection by the informational current density.

Will you be able to take and assimilate it or not? Will you be able to compensate for the incapability of others to perceive this information, being the one who has to process and somehow introduce it into the surrounding reality?

Changing the profile of your activity, changing the informational current that already comes from you, changing your way of life, certain habits, and worldview foundations. Those who manage to deal with this dense current strengthen their own positions in this world and have become strong pillars that others can grab onto.

A lot depends on understanding what you will be going further for these people and what you will be for yourself. If you are ready to recognize yourself as a supportive foundation, thereby not using it for your own selfish interests, meaning not violating the free will of another person – it means that you have earned the right to freedom and have passed these tests. But if you try to offend these little ones, even for one minute, it can end badly because only those who recognize that right in others have the right to freedom.

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