Quantum transition Prophecies

Quantum transition Prophecies

On the prophecies about a quantum transition. The becoming of the human community and civilization. Each person is a micro-universe of his own.

“Will there really be a final division of people within the subtle plane into 3D and 4D? How will the structure of a 4D human consciousness change, will the Causal body really burst?”

You and I said that we are not going to “paradise” en masse and for some people the transition has taken place already, for other people not yet, for some people it will occur, and for some people it will never happen. Don’t generalise.

Generalisation is a sign of a binary mindset, of dualism. If one has crossed over, then everyone must cross over, if reality has changed for everyone, then it has changed for one – this is a mistake.  There will not be a single reality for all, there is no single mechanism that will drive everyone into a new stall with a single worldview as a reaction.

As you have seen the 21st of December 2022 and the same date in 2012, haven’t been that absolute quantum transition everyone was waiting for. Because a quantum transition for everybody is nonsense. It is necessary to reach a certain state of Consciousness, a certain level of beingness, a certain state of the subtle bodies, to find oneself in the right place at the right time, for this transition to take place. 

And now tell me if it is possible for it to happen to everyone? On a universal scale will the whole planet go through the transition? We would have to get into a collapsing black hole for it to happen. But nothing like that seems to have happened. Micro black holes won’t suck everyone in, but will help a few transform.

We are not all the same. Each person is a micro universe of its own. Everyone will receive his personal black hole, through the narrow opening of which you will have to pass and singulate in it. 

Should this happen for everybody, then what we are doing, the way we live, all humanity and man, in particular, experienced during the whole epoch of formation of this human community, of this civilisation – there would be no meaning in all this. Because different levels of consciousness will be getting the same result, the different achievements of people in this life will get the same result, the different civilisational results will get the same result, the same weighing. Is that what we’re doing all this for? No. So it’s not going to happen that way.


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