Problems Of Living On A Certain Land

Problems Of Living On A Certain Land

The challenges of living on a certain land. Why does the land hold: social hooks, graves of the ancestors.

Why does the land hold?

“I perceive the land I live on as if it were the kingdom of Mordor. It feels as if a moldy cobweb is entangling me. Every time I come back from other regions, I experience a month-long painstaking acclimatization. This doesn’t happen when I stay in other places, but I’m not able to leave, as if the land is holding me here. How can I detach it from me?”

You should detach yourself first. Ask yourself, why is it holding you? Are these social hooks, or are you simply being drawn to it?

If there are any hooks of a social nature, then get rid of them because there are times when the egregorial social system masks itself as a form of nostalgia, while in reality, it’s nothing more but a social game. My friends, family, real estate, property, work, how could I leave it behind, meaning all of those types of excuses.

Take a piece of paper and write down all the reasons that hold you on this land. You won’t be able to remember everything at once; therefore, it will take you some time to make this list. And while holding this list in your hand, try to get rid of it. I mean, try to get rid of these hooks, gradually crossing out each of the reasons.

If you see that this didn’t solve the issue, or perhaps just did it partially, then talk to the master of the land, the master of the place, so that he could explain to you what is your actual debt in the first place. Because if it is the spirit of the place that is holding you, then there is a particular reason for that. There is something you must do, something you must return, get even, etc.

Sometimes, it happens that the graves of the ancestors hold on to us very tightly because they don’t know who else will be taking care of them. This happens very often within the Christian tradition. The cult of graves and the cult of cemeteries sometimes can really get out of hand. Especially in the Catholic environment. 

Figure out all the reasons and get rid of them, one by one. Until you dissect this whole problem into pieces, you will not be able to get rid of it. It is unlikely that by finding one of the causes, you will directly hit the bull’s eye. This is why you should approach this issue this way, in a systematic way, and try to find the reason like a grown-up. Once you find it, you will solve the problem.

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