Does The System Control The Animals 2

Does The System Control The Animals?

Does The System Control The Animals?

«Can we say  intelligent animals such as cats, dogs, horses, and dolphins are controlled by the system? Or are animals biological programmes that act autonomously only according to instincts?»

They are biological systems, and the civilizational system doesn’t affect them. The egregorial system influences the Buddhic body. Animals have no Buddhic body. The mental body is the highest level of their consciousness. They badly perceive time instincts. Highly developed primates can feel time but still have no concept of values and beliefs or moral and ethical standards. Only humans have them.

How to confront lies?

«Lately, lying has become a systemic and very common way to achieve goals.. Does this indicate that the warrior caste that is grounded in truth has surrendered its position? How can lies be countered in a magical way?»

Yes, the warrior caste has given up its position; there were too many provocations and temptations  they could not withstand. It is possible to magically resist lies only by rigid self-control, by taking geis based on the necessity to always tell the truth, to monitor one’s own day, one’s own words, one’s own actions identifying lies, that is,  to make a revision every minute. It seems difficult at first, but it really isn’t.

You just open your mouth, close it, and immediately catch yourself thinking,  I’m not lying now, am I? Before you open your mouth, you must tell yourself you can’t lie. Don’t lie. If you can’t tell the truth, don’t tell the truth. And so every day. At first, you will slip up, catching yourself by the tongue, “What am I doing now?” There was no need to lie, and yet you did it automatically. But after some time, these self-recriminations become less and less frequent, and in the end, you start to understand that you have to say so because you cannot lie, not because you need to achieve a result, not because you need to please someone, or for some other reason (related to positioning yourself in society), but because you cannot lie and this is more important than anything else. Then, the immediate acquisition of one’s own rights begins. After a while, you start to recognize lies by the modulations in the voice; you don’t need to look at the person, you don’t need to study NLP – you can see everything. All the information that is given by official and unofficial means is instantly recognized, where they lie and where they do not. But you must first go through this turning point. You have to reexamine your own life.

Since you once took the path of least resistance and decided that lying is useful, you must personally go through this path without magic, as a human being, to regain your own dignity and honor. And as you lost it, seek it out, and take it back.