A Dream About The End Of Days

The end of the days for people with a magic consciousness.

The world after Ragnarok.

   “A long time ago, I had a dream about what seemed to be the end of days. If briefly, all the buildings disappeared as well as the majority of people. Only nature and the train tracks had been left. I felt good about it; there was no fear, no anxiety. Recently, my 7-year-old daughter told me about her dream. In her dream, the buildings disappeared, and there were trees instead. She also described it as the end of the world. In her dream, all of us were together, our whole family.

Could this mean that it will be our upcoming transition, or will it be this way for all the people with a magic consciousness? Because many of those whom I know with a deep connection to the orthodox egregore, etc, dream about the end of the world in the form of flaming lava or an atomic bomb that will destroy everything, bringing everything to its end. Is it their reality?”

Within our Mental consciousness, our worldview, the transition is commonly associated with the fact of dying, death, or any other type of transformation that would somehow inevitably affect biological existence. Your dreams have shown that your perception of the impact on biological existence is mostly associated not with destruction but rather with transformation and creation. This is a magic and pagan way of thinking. Practically, you saw in your dreams what was described as the period of the world’s renaissance after Ragnarok; take Scandinavian mythology as an example. 

   “Then fields unsowed bear ripened fruit, all ills grow better, and there will be only two people left, Liv and Livtrasir, whose names mean “life” and “the one who loves life”.”

A dream about the end of days. Articles. Menshikova School. Articles. Ragnarok. Mental consciousness. Mental body. Rigid structures. Transformation.In all Abrahamic eschatologies, the transition is associated with the concept of Armageddon, which is the Judgement Day and the destruction of the world. In the Bible itself, in the Torah, the way it will happen is described in great detail: there will be flaming lava with sulfur rivers and everything that has to do with the poisoning of water, poisoning of the earth, including all the celestial punishment, all of them. It’s their mental structure; they don’t see the transformation in any other way. Any type of change means a catastrophe to them. And it is quite possible that this will be the way things will happen to them. In your case, everything will be different. Can this happen simultaneously when people are present within the same environment, including the physical one? Yes, it can. 

The bigger the amount of rigid structures on how things should be present in your consciousness, the higher the probability that things will be just as expected. The higher the number of totally invincible statements based on dogmas of faith, the higher the probability that that’s how everything will occur in life.

There are people who have no mental eschatology, so their event field will be completely different. It’s possible that they won’t notice anything at all; they will simply wake up in a totally different world and witness this consecutive and gradual transformation, which will slowly occur before our eyes without experiencing any cataclysms; this is quite possible.

Everything depends on the way this transition is embedded within your mental body. If your mental picture is different, then things will happen following a completely different mental picture of the world. To each their own. 

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