What is the influence of the Christian environment on a child?

“What is the influence of the Christian environment on a child in the family? What should I do if I was raised by a Christian family, do I owe anything to this Egregore?”

At this moment, you owe everything to this Egregore. If you were baptized as a baby, and have lived all your life in this environment, if your family is Christian, and even more so, if your family is extremely devoted  – this means that you and your relatives have been constantly undergoing all purification ceremonies.

They are designed to take away information deemed unnecessary by the Christian mission, and, of course, put in the “necessary” one.

That is why it is believed that you live on borrowed time, you take information from this Force and give it your time and your own experience in return. How will this affect you? The same way it would affect any other member of the Christian tradition.

If you wish to get out of there, you will have to remove yourself from it. There is a mechanism that works very well, it is a threefold appeal to the Holy Mother directly with the intention of leaving. 

As a rule, she never says no- this is her function. But at the same time, you should understand that you won’t receive back your seized experience, seized consciousness, and existential volume. When you leave the Christian Egregore, you should understand that you are coming out naked, barefoot, without a bit of experience, as if you are a newborn and you are starting from scratch. From that point on, people usually get initiated into a certain  pagan tradition.

This way, the gods are as if picking you up, giving you in their clothes, saying: “Poor child, now we will cure you, but how did you manage to get this way? And a slow recovery begins, together with gaining new experience, new strength, not at once, not instantly, and of course, on different terms. Because the ancient gods did not treat their children as property, as slaves. This would not be right.