What does a cat mean in occultism

What does a cat mean in occultism?

What kind of influence do cats have in the occultism view? Cat people idolize their pet, while dog people prefer to be idolized by theirs.

Cats from the occult point of view

“What are cats from the occult point of view? How do they affect those who breed them? What should one do to gain the patronage of the goddess Freya?”

One should love cats, at the very least, and remember that a cat is such a creature that walks on its own. And not only in one apartment but in all the worlds. If the portals are closed for a human, they are not closed for a cat. That’s why it has the right to do whatever it wants.

Traditionally all people are divided into cat-people and dog-people. Psychologically, it is believed that dog people are people who like to show power.

And indeed, a dog is someone who accepts the authority of its master unconditionally. It does not need to prove anything, does not need to fight with it (with a rare exception of especially outstanding dogs), and so in general a dog sees the best in its master, the most favorite and beautiful friend.

A dog-person does not want to prove to his friend that he is better than everyone else. That is, he needs love for nothing, power without difficulty. He prefers to subdue rather than to submit, unlike cat-people.

Cat-people prefer submission. But since cat people do not like to submit just like that, they can only submit to the most beautiful, the best, the most outstanding. That’s why the attitude of a real cat person toward his pet is almost like toward a god – everything is allowed. 

If you have a cat and you don’t allow it to do anything, you’re not a cat-person, you’re a dog-person you just picked the wrong pet. Because a true cat-person allows his cat to do anything. This speaks of a specific quality in a person.

A person who breeds cats does not earn his bread, but adds beauty and magic into this world. And when you work with kittens, you should see it from this perspective and then you will not offend the Goddess and everything will be very good in your life.

Do not be disturbed by the word “submission”, it is not used in a bad sense of the word, it is just a turn of phrase. You can replace the word “submission” with “idolization”. Dog-people prefer to be idolized, while cat-people idolize their pet.


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