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Individual Runic Code calculator

One’s Individual Runic Code contains three runes, the Rune of Fate, the Rune of Identity, and the Golden Rune. The interpretation of the Individual Runic Code allows people to discover their unique characteristics that each person brings to this incarnation. As well as the qualities that need be acquired through this lifetime, thereby realizing their own individual purpose, living up to their true potential.

Your Individual Runic Code

The Rune of Fate

It is the karma which every one of us brings from the previous incarnation. It is the accumulated and saved experience. It is what a person has achieved, achieved by himself by living his fate in all of his previous births. It is what truly belongs to that person by right. The Rune of Fate has nothing to do with the bloodline or family — it is strictly personal. It is what has already been achieved.

The Rune of Fate is a given that no one else is able to change. The Norns weave their tapestry only once.

The Rune of Identity

The basis for the Rune of Identity is the social name which in the current epoch one can change on a whim. Which is something that was impossible to do in the olden times, when the name used to reflect a person’s character, his patron gods, and of course his blood — belonging to a bloodline or tribe. Sometimes, the name contained one’s belonging to a certain location, which in the mysticism of name-giving was also not a random factor.

Nowadays, the social name is mutable and is subject to change and as a consequence (or perhaps not a consequence, but on a contrary — as the root cause) the Rune of Identity becomes mutable and subject to change as well.

Keeping in mind that this rune reflects one’s technical task (TT) for the given incarnation as well as one’s personality traits that needed to be honed or attained — we understand that in the current epoch, one does possess such a right, to change the TT, to reprogram his own fate as the script that reflects the lifepath. A person has a right to shuffle the placed accents, to reveal or hide his own selfhood, and as a consequence to actualize himself in completely different results. But, I will point out that all of this is only possible in the human world, only in the realm of social games. In the annals of the “Book of Fates”, in the patterns of Norns’ fabric, the line remains unchanged. A change of personal identity does not equal a change of the pattern on the fabric of reality, but merely the coloring of this pattern in a slightly different color scheme.

The Golden Rune

The cumulative rune of the result. It describes that footprint, that impression of your consciousness, your personality and life, which is expected from you in this given reality. It is what you do not for yourself, but what is left after you. It is like proof that the program of fate was understood and worked out in its entirety and with an expected result, and that the gifts of nature (or their absence) have found their true application — and that is right.

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