Education At The Menshikova School (Video)

Sooner or later, a person asks the question: ‘Why am I here? What is the purpose of my existence? Is my life some sort of joke of the creator?” You need to earnestly look for the answers, as earnestly as you ask yourself these questions. You do it by trial and error. You tried over here, read something over there, got interested in this, and the more you discover, the more you read and show interest, the more you are seeing the picture come together. And it is a different matter that this picture is not yet complete. It is as if you had a bunch of puzzle pieces; seemingly you have all of them, but it is unclear how they all fit together, and what template to use. And the template here is very important. The methodology of our school goes from simple to complex and from major to minor. Which is very important. We start with the ’I am’ state, thereby getting in touch with our own essence. At the beginning, you gain understanding that you are nevertheless a person, an individuality to any extent, whether it is manifested or not. And you must amplify your own manifestation, your reflection, your traces here in the world of First Attention, while doing it more earnestly and massively. The question is how and what method to use in order to achieve this? This question can be answered only after fully revealing one’s inner deepest needs. These are very ephemeral words, but we try to put them into a more concrete form in our classes. So we can move from the numinous state of our own insignificance or, on the contrary, from the excess of our arrogance, and come to a more common, practical applications.