Energy damage: evil eye, damage, vampirism. Diagnostics and protection. Part 1 (Video)

Energy damage: evil eye, damage, vampirism. Diagnostics and protection.

Part 1 (Video)


Do Energetic damages really exist? How to understand the nature of “magical diseases”? Is there any way to protect oneself from them? What to do so that the defeat does not “stick”?

Energetic damages: diagnosis, correction and prevention

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About Menshikova School

The school is created for those people who are looking for sacred knowledge, as well as for those who seek to go beyond the limits of everyday life. For people who are thinking and discovering, who want to open their potential, initially laid down.

The School reveals knowledge about the magical interaction of elemental forces, about the ancient Rune magic, about the Tarot system. And all this is intended for transformation of consciousness and formation of magical vision of the world.

Ksenia Evgenievna Menshikova is the founder and head of the School, author of books on the development of magical abilities, such as:

“The Art of Controlling Reality”;
“Runes Reveal the Mysteries of the World”;
“Intricacies of Fate, or What Dimension do you Live in?”;
“The Subcoscious is Omnipotent, or Controlling the Energy of Your Desires”
“Controlling the Energy of Your Thought.”
“Power of the Elements. Disclosure and cognition.”
“Health through the Power of the Elements”;
“Egregores and the system of reality control”, and many others.


Aims and objectives of the School

To transfer to students the knowledge that reveals and develops abilities to Magic on the basis of individual characteristics of each person. After all, magical consciousness is not a “gift from above”. It is the result of transformation of oneself by means of will and sense.

The school has several Departments for different disciplines: