Interaction With Different Force Channels For Practitioners (Video)

Interaction with different force channels for practitioners

In one of your videos on runes you said a very important sentence that stuck with me. Quoting approximately: Abusing the runic channel to solve personal needs is inadmissible. Could this topic be elaborated on in more detail? What is the right way to work on the runic channel for a runologist to be worthy of the gods of the Scandinavian pantheon? What is the most efficient way to work with runes without abusing the runic channels? Take, of course, the word “abusing” in quotation marks. With respect and gratitude.

-Yes, we very often speak in our lectures about certain ways of interaction with magical channels, magical forces, where certain types of behaviour is inadmissible. And this certain kind of behaviour is in fact defined by the word abusing or exploiting. Exploiting in what way? In a consumerist fashion. Why does it happen and why should it not be done? I want to tell you right away that by doing this you will not cause any big damage to the actual Norse pantheon or channel, but could greatly damage yourself.