Studying Runes And Tarot In The Menshikova School (Video)

Studying Runes And Tarot In The Menshikova School I would like to repeat myself once again regarding the Tarot and Rune systems. You will only find such strict admission requirements in my school because we treat Runes and Tarot not as a source of mantic or source of information, but as instruments of magical transformation of consciousness. And this means that our demands that we ask of people whom we guide through this magical system, are very significant and high. Regarding the requirements that apply to Runes specifically: Inclusion into another religious egregor: I have no desire, not even a little bit, to pay off the debts of my students who come to me to study Runes while having arrears. Because I, as a teacher, take responsibility for these students. Therefore, I will have to deal with the christian egregor myself, protecting my students.