What Type Of Energy Exchange Happens During Sex

What Type Of Energy Exchange Happens During Sex?

A kind of energy exchange and mutual exchange during sex. What is the impact of informational and energetic (sexual) connection between people?

“Tell us, please, what kind of exchange and energy exchange occurs when people sleep together? What kind of mutual exchange takes place during sex? If one partner works on self-development while the other does nothing in this regard, if one is healthier and has more energy than the latter, would the energy flow from the one who has more of it to the other where it’s not enough?”

If partners have been together for a very long time, they, after a while, just like conjoined twins, become morphed together in some aspects of their personalities. If partners truly and sincerely love each other, their interpenetration becomes extremely deep, and more layers of their consciousness get affected by this interpenetration. A plain sexual relationship, even if it lasts for a while, usually affects only the energy. At the moment of intimacy, partners become one, but only during that moment. When it’s over, each partner basically remains with what he managed to take from it. Some manage to gain a little bit of strength, energy, and health, while some manage to lose it. But energy recovery, just like its outflow, happens very quickly.

Another thing is when partners begin to blend together informationally: they communicate a lot, they are present not only in the same space but also in the same informational field together; they start sharing common situations, common interests, and values. And this information is the force that directs the energy and affects the informational layers of consciousness.

Here, an exchange takes place, and this exchange is not as fast and obvious as an exchange of energy. But if such an exchange occurs, it can not be reversed as easily since there are different rules that apply to information and energy. And if energy works according to the rule “as much you give, so much you get,” then information works according to a different rule, “the more you give, the more you get.”

And in this sense, a person who works on self-development should not be afraid of passing the information to someone who doesn’t do so because he will get more free space to contain more information and progress more in terms of his evolution.

The information he passes along may also serve as a kickstart. Or may, of course, not, if the consciousness of the person who has less, the one who doesn’t work on self-development, has a gap, a vulnerability inside, an egregorial or religious attachment, which simply extracts an excess of information. Therefore, a person who is close and pursues self-development should first protect the one to whom he gives the information.

In order to avoid a waste of his knowledge, information, strength, etc. Each layer of the subtle body has its own laws of energy exchange.

We know that energy-based bodies, which include the Physical, Etheric, and Astral bodies, are largely controlled by the laws of energy. Namely, the law of conservation of energy, the law of fast energy recovery, and so on. More informationally-based bodies, which include the Mental, Causal, Buddhic, and Atmic bodies are more under the control of the person. There is a different principle at work – the information you give doesn’t go away; it is copied. Because if you tell your colleague something, this doesn’t mean that you forget what you’ve told him at that moment.

This means you will still have some free space left because you have already manifested this information. You’ve gained another carrier who now possesses the given information. And now your information is twice as strong.

And if the egregorial systems don’t extract this information from the one you copied it to, this information will become twice as powerful. Which means that it becomes competitive. Information is the controlling force that doesn’t allow energy to dissipate and allows it to be restored quickly.

A person who is sick, apathetic, who loses energy rapidly should look into his own consciousness and ask himself, “What type of information within my consciousness makes me constantly lose energy? After all, something compels me to eat the wrong types of food that don’t give me any energy but only cause me harm. And this something is within my consciousness.” Find the cause, and you will solve this problem.

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