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Knowledge in the Menshikova School

Knowledge in the Menshikova School

Our school works within the system of the Norse gods. The principle of  acquisition of knowledge is: work and prove. It is necessary to prove everything, nothing is free. And it is better to prove yourself thrice. In our school, knowledge is given according to the rules dictated by the Norse gods. If knowledge is needed – it will be provided, but the person is expected to work for it. A warrior must work daily, take geases, thereby proving his worth.


From what age is it possible to start education at the Menshikova School

From What Age Is It Possible To Start Education At The Menshikova School?

“From what age is it possible to use school techniques for changing one’s consciousness? Is there an optimal age in order to obtain the best effect? Or does it all depend on the person’s intent and working capacity?”
If we change something, we have something to change. And this means that we are talking about the period when consciousness was already formed. At what age is the consciousness being formed? Well, this age is different for everyone.