The Assemblage Point Shift And Its effects

The Assemblage Point Shift And Its effects

A different perception of the world and people as an effect of the shift of the Assemblage Point. New reality and your own world.

A different perception of the world and people as an effect of the shift of the Assemblage Point.

“I’m amazed just how drastically one’s perception of people and the world can change. In the past, for instance, while traveling, I enjoyed taking pictures so I could share my impressions later. Now, such behavior seems senseless and extremely energy-consuming to me. In the past, I liked having an audience to discuss different topics of interest. Now, every time, I feel that silence is more important than words. Even seeing my close friends has become a boring burden. People seem to be a mindless and stagnant mass to me. I often get a feeling that I see everything in slow motion. But the strongest of the feelings is as if life has moved elsewhere while all the stage decorations were left behind, and everything appears in decay and worn out. As if the meaning had exhausted itself. New game rules have not been announced, and therefore, I get anxious, as if I should urgently do something or as if everything is over and my time has come. But where to go and what to do?”


This effect you just described is the effect of a shift in the Assemblage Point. It is an upward shift of the Assemblage Point from the level at which you usually assemble your personal world to your reality.

Clearly, what used to evoke emotion before stopped doing that because your informational power is no longer connected to the given environment. You are now forming a new reality, and your consciousness is, de facto, showing this to you. Another thing is that the decorations have still remained the same. But it’s just a habit of seeing these decorations.

As soon as you get rid of this habit, the decorations will change as well. Everything will get assembled differently, including the visuals. This is a positive effect. It is a little unexpected and, at times, may get a little bit depressing due to the anxiety it brings. Anxiety is based on the fact that it is unfamiliar. But it is exactly the effect you were trying to achieve. This is your evolution. Your new status, your new level of rights. You just need to see this, accept it, and concentrate on what becomes available to you in the current reality. A new level of contacts, a new level of communication, new goals, new values, new knowledge. Meaning, everything that has become more valuable to you than before.

Don’t hold on to the past. Otherwise, if you start to feel pity or regret about the environment you left behind, it will very quickly suck you back in together with your Assemblage Point, which you so thoroughly have been activating and elevating.

You worked hard for it. Don’t lose the achievements you made. Because the higher we rise, the more we have to fight to uphold the right to our own achievements. This is the algorithm.

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